Three (3) Steps to Eliminate Your Tax Liability by $100k or More - Mini Course

This course will provide you an introduction to the Three (3) Steps to Eliminate your Tax Liability by $100k with PIGs course.  This mini-course includes the following lessons each with one video, audio, workbook and presentation.

You will have a good idea of the process necessary to reduce your taxes, the four (4) type of income and the tax rates as well as what it would look like after you implemented the PIGs 

This mini-course will provide the student with the basis for Financial Literacy which includes the history of money, the past, present and future and why the Middle Class is Shrinking.   It will give you the understanding of what Money is including Debt and Taxes and why it is vitally important for you to begin reducing them now.

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3 Steps to Eliminate Your Tax Liability Mini Course

This is the mini course of the Three (3) Steps to Reduce Your Tax Liability with Passive Income Generators (PIGS).   The course includes one module/lesson which will walk you through the Three (3) Steps, Income Types and Tax Rates and Implementation of PIGS.  You will be granted access to the membership site for 12 months from the date of purchase.   The course includes video, audio, pdf and your personal workbook.


$97.00 USD