Gena is passionate in helping others achieve financial independence via buying and/or building tax-efficient streams of income (e.g. assets) during optimum market cycles. Abandoned by her parents, homeless, and grew up in foster care since the age of 2, taught her the lesson to never depend on others for your financial well-being. Currently, she owns individually, and/or jointly with partners, over 3,000 apartment units, a resort in Ambergris Caye, Belize, Junior Mining/Resource Companies, Oil and Gas Wells, An Assisted Living Facility, a Digital Business, and is a shareholder of AT&T, due to their recent purchase of DIRECTV. Her background in business and economics, investment savviness, raw honesty, and her ability to simplify many complex topics, make her a sought-after speaker. She has spoken at Freedomfest, The New Orleans Investment Conference and the Cash Flow Wealth Summit, to name a few. Gena’s Book “Escape The Madness”, The 10 Steps to Get Out of the Rat Race, has helped thousands achieve financial freedom by teaching readers the steps to have their passive income exceed their expenses. Her corporate career expands across multiple industries since she performed strategic consulting to many Fortune 100 Companies across the Globe with Ernst & Young. She always encourages others to pursue their dreams and goals in life. She is a testament that you can achieve anything in life regardless of your social economic background, sex, and/or ethnicity. In her opinion the most liberating of all life goals, is that of financial freedom, allowing individuals maximum optionality. She created the Financial Freedom Formula™ which is a proprietary methodology which many Employees, Business Owners, Investors, Professionals, etc. replicate to achieve financial freedom by having their passive income exceed their expenses.


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