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"I am out of the rat race and have achieved financial freedom and I am only in my early 40’s. Thank you, Gena, for showing me there is another way versus working until I am over 60+ years like so many others have done in the past. Now I don't need a Reverse Mortgage to provide for me and my family like so many retiree's do today"



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Introducing The Financial Freedom Formula™
  • The Financial Freedom Formula is a proven and tested implementation program that shows you how to significantly reduce your tax burden and build a passive income structure.
  • Everything you need is provided in simple-to-understand tutorial videos. No capital, tech skills, or experience is required to benefit from the training.
  • The time proven techniques in the Financial Freedom Formula are proven to work.* Since the first release of this program it’s been refined and updated with new content. As of today, numerous students around the world have used this program and extraordinary results have been achieved by many.*
  • Some of the top students in the Financial Freedom Formula are earning 7-figures a year while others are earning 6-figures annually and have completely replaced their high-tax income with high efficiency, low-tax, passive income, giving resounding praise to this program! 


  • I’ve used these tools to purchase over 4k apartment units, oil and gas investments, a resort which is now a Hilton Hotel, Assisted Living Facilities while simultaneously participating on the management team of the Largest Pay TV company in the WORLD, DIRECTV until we sold it to ATT.   As a result, I significantly reduced my taxes each and every year – saving millions of dollars which was used to buy and build more and more PIGs.
  • I've been featured on many media outlets and shared the stage with global leaders including Robert Kiyosaki, Russell Gray, Alan Greenspan and Jim Rogers.


What's This Course All About?

This lesson will cover the history of money -  past, present and future. And, also why the middle class is shrinking. 

This lesson is to review the Current and Proposed Federal Tax Rates and their implication on your financial strategy.

This lesson will focus on the four types of income and tax rates for each income type so you will begin building that which is the most tax efficient.

In this lesson, you will learn the process to eliminate your Tax liability and mitigate the impact of the SALT $10k maximum deduction.

In this lesson you will learn how to replace your higher taxed income with Passive Income Generators (PIGS), such as Real Estate, Oil and Gas, and Businesses. 

In this lesson, you will learn how to find the money whether it's via raising from other people or using your own balance sheet.

In this lesson, you will learn how to implement Passive Income Generators to enable you to generate your infinite wealth number so all of your expenses are covered by Passive Income.   

In this lesson, you will learn a 5 step distinct process to ensure that you do not expose yourself to an audit and are 100% secure from the I.R.S. in using the Tax Code.

This lesson you will learn how to hold you Passive Income Generators to ensure maximum Tax efficiency rather that's an IRA or NOT, preventing you from losing significant money.

This lesson will provide you the selection criteria for evaluating and hiring a CPA/Tax Professional.

In this lesson, you will be taken through frequent rookie mistakes by PIG investors and how to avoid them. 

This is the final lesson of the course which will summarize and provide you the next steps to proceed forward.

Bonus #1: Financial Freedom Formula Music

This bonus lesson will provide you a music video which explains the process of buying and building assets using debt and reducing your taxes. It's a fun way to reinforce what you'll learn in the course.

Bonus #2: 20 Passive Income Generator Ideas

Here are a list of successful Passive Income Generator (PIG) ideas starting many with only an investment of less then $1000 to start your investment journey.

Bonus #3: Financial Freedom Formula Key Metrics

It is critical to keep track of your progress and this cheat-sheet will help you be on top of key financial metrics to define, measure & reach your goals.

Bonus #4: Investment Property Analyzer Tool

The Investment Property Analyzer Tool is a one-step proven process to measure the long term profitability of a deal in less than 5 minutes.

Bonus #5: Real Estate Professional 

You will learn how to be a Real Estate Professional for Tax Purposes.  Inclusive of the real estate professional worksheet so you can just jump-start the process to qualify as a Real Estate Professional for tax purposes allowing you to deduct $25k or more regardless of your income level.

Bonus #6: Chart of Accounts for Book-keeping

This is a Chart of Accounts which you can upload to your financial tools such as Quickbooks to manage your PIGs and book-keeping.

Bonus #7: PIG Tax Efficiency Cheat Sheet

The Passive Income Generator (PIG) Tax Efficiency Cheat Sheet lets you quickly evaluate & measure the tax implications of a PIG.

Bonus #8: 30 Day Facebook Messenger Mentorship + Mastermind Group Access

When you take any of our training programs you are also able to gain access to a very special and very private community of like-minded individuals in our Passive Income Generators Support group! That’s where people show off their “shut up” checks, ask questions, find investing partners, get deals done and gain all the benefits of being a part of a well-educated community. Newbie and seasoned investors alike share this space, but it’s not open to the public. You have to be a member here first. Imagine you very own Tribe of investors so you can learn from others as well as get more of your questions answered on what is working vs. not working.

On-Demand Live Training Sessions and/or Speaking Events + (1) Free Mastermind Ticket

You will get on-demand access to the recordings of all Live Training Sessions and/or Speaking Events.  This is Great alternative for those who want the content but may be unable to attend any of the sessions/events. 

You can see the list of past and future sessions/events and topics via this link.

You will be able to attend one mastermind event per 12 months free of charge.  

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30 Days Facebook Messenger Mentorship

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12 Lessons each includes Video, Audio, Workbook and Assessment

Over 30 Hours of Video

$3,500 Bonuses

All Live & Recorded Training

Private Facebook Support Group

30 Days Facebook Messenger Mentorship

(1) Free Mastermind Ticket



This course if best for individuals whom have one or more of the following characteristics.


Individuals who have nothing saved and/or cannot stop working due to lack of income producing assets.


Anyone who has insufficient passive income to cover 100% of their expenses.


Anyone who pays in excess of 21% of their income to taxes.


Has Not Gotten Rich with Free Money (DEBT) in the last decade and/or has more debt than income.  


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