• Gena Lofton is an Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher, and Speaker.  After achieving Financial Freedom at an early age, she decided to help others do the same by creating an Online Course The Financial Freedom Formula™, How to Achieve Financial Freedom with Passive Income Generators (PIGs) in Five Years or Less.

  • The course helps Employees, Self Employed and/or Small Business Owners learn to earn Passive Income in their sleep, so they don’t need to remain a “Wage Slaves”.  The Formula helps them reduce their taxes and/or use debt while simultaneously replacing their higher taxed income with lower taxed income from PIGs.  This enables them to build wealth faster.

  • Essentially, students are able to move from the left side of the quadrant to the right side of the quadrant within a few short years.  The earlier in life they make the transition, the more wealth they will be able to build.  (See the Quadrant Below). 

Thousands have successfully used the formula to achieve financial freedom.  As a result they control 95% of the wealth, yet only represent 5% of the population.  Gena’s Mission is to increase the percentage of people on the right side to double digits by 2025.

Origin Story

  • Abandoned by her parents, growing up in Foster care since the age of 2, Gena didn’t want to EVER be dependent upon someone else for her financial well-being.   Her fear of homelessness inspired her to pursue Financial Independence.   After studying Rich Dad Poor Dad principals, and hiring a team of Advisors, she was able to acquire over 4k apartment units, oil and gas ventures, and other PIGs while simultaneously on the management team of the World’s Largest Pay Television Company (e.g. DIRECTV) through the sale to ATT.  Within a few short years, Gena’s passive income from her assets (e.g. PIGs) exceeded her expenses.  The Financial Freedom Formula™ was developed as a result

  • Gena is an Author and wrote the book  “Escape the Madness”, the 10 Steps to Get Out of the Rat Race

  • Gena resides in Los Angeles, California.  

Financial Freedom Formula

Watch and Listen to the Music Video Below which tells her Rags to Riches Story and is a musical description of The Financial Freedom Formula F3.


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