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HI, I'M GENA LOFTON.  I am an Investor, Speaker and Author.  Over the course of the last decade, I have successfully acquired over 4k apartment units, Oil and Gas Interests, Royalties, and other types of Passive Income Generators (PIGs) while on the management team of the Worlds Largest Pay TV Company, DIRECTV.  

I've heard the same struggles from many people time and time again.  "I don't know how to achieve Financial Freedom," or "I don't have the money," or "What Should I invest in", or, "I'm afraid I will fail."  I want you to learn from my successes and failures. I’ve poured these experiences into the Financial Freedom Formula™ to give you insight into the strategies that truly work from start to finish so you can replicate them quickly.  I have simplified it in the Accelerator which you can download and implement quickly.


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"I had no idea that I could reduce my taxes by utilizing the tax code. In the past, my CPA’s had advised me just to make less money or buy a larger house. Now, I have found ways to not only reduce my taxes but to also transition myself to the right side of the quadrant. Thank you so much for all the help and showing me the Financial Freedom Formula(F3)"


"“The Financial Freedom Formula ( F3) enabled me to retire with passive income to cover my expenses in only 3 years. Thank you for all your wisdom"."


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