income tax Apr 17, 2018

Today, April 17th your Tax Returns are due or you should have filled an extension at a minimum.

Over a decade ago, I hired a team of the best Tax Advisors on the planet which resulted in my ability to reduce my taxes. 

The biggest lesson learned is anyone paying an excess of 20% in taxes is unpatriotic.

The tax code is just a book of incentives for the citizens to do what the government wants.   Essentially, they want the citizens to provide jobs and/or housing.  You can learn more about what they want in order to get the best incentives for yourself inside the complimentary masterclass.  

The best part about doing what the Government wants is that those tax savings can be used to buy assets in order to begin generating tax-efficient income.  Then you will be able to permanently reduce your taxes.  When executed with precision which you will learn in the masterclass you will...

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PRESS RELEASE - Solution for State and Local Income Taxes $10k Maximum Deduction

tax Mar 28, 2018

A Solution to the $10k Maximum Deduction for State and Local Income Taxes for Residents who reside in the High-Income Tax States such as California.  

(March 28th, 2018)
–  High-Income Earners who reside in the High Income Tax States, help is on the way.  We are offering you an alternative to permanently reduce your taxes by $100k or more within 1 Year. This is a solution to the $10k Maximum Deduction for State and Local Income Taxes as a result of Tax Reform.

This free training will show you how to Eliminate Your Tax liability by $100K or more in One Year Just by Implementing Three (3) easy steps.  We have proven that once you implement these three steps you will be protected from any adverse changes as a result of Tax Reform. 

One recent customer shared the following….“I had no idea that I could reduce my taxes by utilizing the tax code. In the past, my CPA’s had advised me just to make less money or buy a larger house. Now, I...

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tax Mar 20, 2018

One of the ways I was able to invest in real estate over the past decade was due in part to reducing my Taxes by becoming a Real Estate Professional. Had I NOT, I would NOT have had the capital to invest.

At the time, I was a high-income wage earner residing in the highest income tax state in the union, California.  Taxes could have exceeded 50% (e.g. Federal, State, Local Income Taxes, SDI/FICA, etc) of my income.  Earned income is the highest taxed income. Without becoming a real estate professional, my ability to build capital would have been impossible.

Unfortunately, very few people take advantage of the tax code which essentially is becoming a partner with the Government and taking advantage of the tax incentives.  Then they wonder why they are unable to save and invest.  It’s impossile when 50% goes out just to pay taxes.

If you are a high-income wage earner, a 401k or any of that other stuff is NOT going to put a dent in reducing your...

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tax Mar 04, 2018

Here is the new IRS TAX Withholding Calculator.  This is best suited for anyone who earns Wages/W2 Income and you want to verify that your withholdings are sufficient going forward.  You can access the calculator on the IRS website via this link.

If the event you need to increase your withholdings, you can do what our students are doing to mitigate the impact and start the 7 Day Free trial via the link below:

The IRS has done an exemplary job in providing us with the calculator early in the year so we can plan accordingly.  In summary, here are the options if your withholdings are insufficient:


  1. Increase Your Withholdings
  2. Pay the Additional Tax Amount in 2019;
  3. Implement one or more of the recommendations in the Financial Freedom Formula.  You can sign up for the 7 Day Free Trial via the link below:

Those who earn their income on the right side of the quadrant (e.g. business owner and/or investor) most likely won't find the...

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