Learn What to do When You See An Opportunity

partner May 17, 2019

In this video I want to share with you what to do as an investor:

"Opportunities do not last, you have to seize them when the opportunity presents itself".

 Think about this for a moment.  If I say to you I have the deal of a lifetime, are you actually going to take me up on that offer?

True story...

Recently, I offered my entire audience the opportunity to join my membership program at probably "one-tenth of one-tenth" of a percent of my billable rate of what my clients actually value my time and there were some people who actually seized the moment and they took me up on the opportunity. But there were others who sat there and debated.

Can you imagine? I literally spent the last decade building the largest Pay TV company in the world called Directv while simultaneously building a real estate portfolio of over 4k thousand apartment units and you have to think about whether to join so I can help you achieve Financial Freedom Quickly...

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How to Select A Sponsor/Operator/Partner - Part 2

partner May 10, 2019

This is the 2nd Part of a two (2) part video series where I share my philosophy on "How I Select A Partner".

Many of you ask me to invest and be your Partner. So I thought it would be more efficient for me to share my "Must Have's":

At a High Level, here is the list:

  1. My Partner(s) must be experienced in doing Value Added Real Estate by my definition (e.g. "Having a liquidity event to get 100% of my money back within 3 years via a Cash Out Refinance).  Otherwise, I am unable to have an infinite rate of return (e.g. Print Money Legally).

  2. My Partner(s) Must be Financially Free, (e.g Have their Passive Income Exceed their Expenses), thus they don't need my money.  If they aren't, they can learn how here.  

  3. My Partner(s) cannot be a Perpetual Money Raiser, as that is a Red Flag.   Syndication is "A Tool to Conduct Business" it is not "A Business".  Perpetual syndicators generally are the later and high risk.

  4. My...

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How to Select A Sponsor/Operator/Partner


This is Part I of a two (2) part video series in which I discuss my investment philosophy and How to select a Sponsor/Operator/Partner.   

Essentially, I do my own deals and I also find the "Lebron James" of a particular asset class and I ask them to be on their team.

Thus, I find Sponsors, Operators' and/or Partners that dominate in certain asset classes and I ask them if I can join their team (e.g. invest).   

Here are some of the reasons why I invest in this manner as it gives me exposure to one or more of the following:

  1. Larger deals due to their balance sheet;
  2. Asset Classes (e.g. Oil and Gas)
  3. Geographies (e.g. Outside my backyard)

Additionally, and more importantly, is How To Select a Sponsor/Operator/Partner

Pay close attention to this part of the video to prevent your Money from going to "Money Heaven", as coined by my dear friend "Rick Rule". 

Remember, as Warren Buffet Says there are two (2) rules of investing. 

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