Interest Rates Are Signaling for us to continue "BORROWING"

borrow interest rates Apr 18, 2019

Did you hear the Good news? 

"The Chicago Fed President Says Interest Rates Can Go Unchanged Until Fall 2020".  

They are telling us that the era of free money will continue.  Check out the yield on the 10-year Treasury below.


So you can still build wealth with debt for at least another year. 

That's exactly what I intend to continue doing. I am in the process of borrowing even more money,  What about you?  

A few years ago, I wrote and recorded a Rap Song describing just how to build wealth, by using debt and reducing your taxes.  If you have never watched the music video, you can do so here.   

The lyrics are on the screen for a reason.  It's not due to vanity, it's to educate, so you can replicate, so be sure to sing along to the song, so you can implement the same method.

I have millions of dollars of debt and am in the process of closing on even ...

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Interest Rate Projections for 2018

bonds interest rates money Jan 19, 2018

Last week I wrote a blog about the last decade.  If you missed that, feel free to read it via this link.

So you ask, Gena why are you talking about interest rates again?  Well, because for the past 12 months or more, I have received at least a dozen or more opportunities which have neglected to project higher interest rates in their business plans. 

When I see this it makes me cringe and probably the reason my doctor has cautioned me to be careful about my blood pressure.  Its as if people have forgotten that one of the most important parts of investing is the cost of money which is derived from interest rates.

Please make sure that when you send opportunities for me to invest, please project higher interest rates upon exit.   Don't use the words "value added" just because you are painting the building and installing new windows and doors.  My definition of Value Add is that I will get all my money back and keep the asset via a...

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