The definition of Insanity

buy hold insanity sell May 30, 2019

I continually receive questions about what I feel about the stock market.  Here are just some of the questions I receive:

  • When will the market crash?

  • Is it a good time to buy?

  • Should I sell?

  • Should I Buy? 

For the record, I invest in Income Producing Assets, thus I do NOT buy low and hope to sell something high in the future.  That is what most people do.  That is for the people who need a J.O.B. 

Alternatively, I invest for Cash Flow as that is what pays for my expenses and why I do NOT need a J.O.B.   Therefore, I recorded a special video this week for those investors who want to know where the market is headed. 

Go ahead and play it now.

Tired of working hard and not getting anywhere?  

Do you want a change?

Do you just want to be able to have more money than month?

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Are Most People in Society Today Insane?

bankruptcy insanity Aug 07, 2018

Why are people doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?  Do they NOT know the definition of Insanity? 

Did you hear the recent news?  Baby Boomers are filing for Bankruptcy at an alarming rate.   

Older Americans have a higher presence in the U.S. bankruptcy system than ever before, according to a new report.  The rate at which Americans ages 65 and older are filing for bankruptcy has increased two-fold since 2013, the study by the Consumer Bankruptcy Project found.

Meanwhile, there has been a nearly 500% increase in the number of older Americans in the bankruptcy system, the study – first reported by The New York Times – showed. While more than 12% of filers are now seniors, just 2.1% were in 1991.  The average senior files for bankruptcy more than $17,390 in the red.

While baby boomers are retiring in bulk, that isn’t enough to explain the dramatic rise in bankruptcies, the...

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