Timeline to Financial Freedom


Watch the above video where I explain my timeline to Financial Freedom.

So, if you notice all of these asset classes, they are PIG types of passive income generators. They enable me to pay the minimum amount of taxes via oil and gas or businesses are real estate, etc, etc, etc. So that's basically what I did, I was able to achieve  Financial Freedom within 12 to 18 months.

It was very, very easy, and it should be for anyone because you've had a decade of free money.

If you look at the graph, you will see I was earning a lot of earned income, earned income, active income, and my taxes were very high. I used the tax code to my advantage in order to reduce my taxes utilizing the passive income generators, and I increased my passive income. My hours worked decreased over time because at the same time I was building Passive Income, I was on an active income at Direct TV (another asset I was building because I was a shareholder of Direct TV).

So within two to three years, I was...

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My Journey Printing Money Legally and WHY


Watch the above video where I discuss my journey printing money legally, BUT more importantly WHY.

Years ago I picked an ECONOMIC class, Upper, Middle, or Lower since the MIDDLE is going away. The FINANCIAL FREEDOM FORMULA™ is to MINIMIZE the speed at which it becomes EXTINCT.

For those people who want to MITIGATE their EXTINCTION, I recommend they learn and adopt the Formula, then they will have a higher probability of getting into the Upper class, the other ones that don't adopt the Formula will become extinct with the other population and fall into the lower class. 

I teach the FORMULA to those who want to learn.  I encourage you to attend my last public appearance on July 18th, 2019 at Freedomfest.

So that's the purpose (WHY) of the Formula and that's why I created it. Alright, so here is what I did. Okay. In my reality, I needed $10,000 a month in passive income. That was my number, right? I had no passive income, as a matter of fact, I was...

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