Episode 8 : Teeka Tiwari - Should One Own Bitcoin?

bitcoin show Dec 04, 2017

Teeka writes financial newsletters for a research group and is particularly happy with their cryptocurrency newsletter. He says, “Many people when they look at the space they think its crazy and they don’t understand the value. Many assume that it is too late to invest.”

Governments have had a history of confiscating private assets and gold. Cypress was a good example of this as is current events occurring within Saudi Arabia. When states get desperate, they will steal money from their citizens. So having some of your wealth beyond the control of anyone is a very valuable hedge.

The critical thing to understand with bitcoin is that for the first time in history there exists a form of money that is beyond anyone’s ability to confiscate. If you keep your private keys safe, no one can take these assets from you.

He explains how blockchains allow for a shared ledger amongst multiple participants. Any new entries in this ledger are verified and cannot be...

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