The US Legal System and Black's Law Dictionary

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Then, watch this video where I interview my cousin Michael Biggs which may shed a bit of light on an ever complex topic which I think is a result of this Big Black Book which I have in my library.

This is the dictionary that is used by the lawyers within at least the United States of America. I don't have a really good understanding of this book and I think not many people do. So I wanted to introduce Michael Biggs,  my cousin, who is visiting me from Detroit, Michigan. He has a much better understanding of this book, so he can share it with all of you in the audience. 

Michael is 38 years old and grows medical marijuana. And I, at one point in time,  he got into a little bit of trouble because of that. Not because he was doing anything illegal by the books, but because of the interpretation of the law.

This book, which by the way it is very expensive. A lot of the terminology in this book it is being changed,  how can we actually abide by the law when the law keeps changing? I mean, the rules keep changing the question. It's very perplexing. If I know the rules of the game or the rules of what I'm supposed to do, I will always follow those rules, because that's what all our law-abiding citizens are supposed to do.

You are probably wondering why I am looking into this book?  

In order to live in the United States and Invest in the United States, One must do so by the rules otherwise they are committing Fraud and the rules are governed by the US Legal System and the Blacks Law Dictionary.

Remember to speak with your attorney(s) before doing business in the United States as they know the contents of this Black book which has the rules of engagement for all US Legal citizens to follow in this country.

Do you find this to be an interesting topic? 

Do you think that achieving Financial Freedom for yourself quickly becomes more or less important when the rules of the game continue changing?

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Also, go to the DOJs website weekly as I have begun doing to seek the truth and learn how to report crimes, etc.  Here is the link to the DOJs website as there are lots of great information on their website for all LEGAL US CITIZENS to benefit. 

Here is the link to their website: