How to Manage Your Real Estate Properties Part 1

property management; Aug 23, 2019

I am very happy to introduce you to my right-hand lady. Her name is Julia and she owns  Real Property Management Choice, my Property Manager for my California Assets.  I literally could not make anything happen without Julia. She and I have been together for five years. And she actually manages all my California assets. It's because of her that I actually am able to eat. 

I thought I would actually bring her on the show so we can actually share exactly what a property manager does and what she does for me. 

Real Property Management Choice is a franchise with over 300 branches nationwide and as of today, Julia is managing about 200 units. She has a background in banking and finance. 17 years ago,  she got her real estate license to later become a professional property manager as if a general doctor became a specialist.

As I  said, I literally could not do anything I do without her. I'm not a property manager.  Julia is my property manager and unfortunately, I would not know how to manage a property. She helps me and other owners grow our revenue.

How does she do that?

She helps owners increase their profits. She makes sure their assets are safe to minimize the risks. 

The process starts by evaluating the current status of the property, not just the tenant inside and the lease agreement itself and how much rent the owner is getting. They evaluate the performance of the entire property as well to look for opportunities for improvement and make the owner's future more bright and get the maximum rent.  Also, they make sure to provide the best housing possible within law restrictions such as rent control.

And we are actually going to be talking about some of that now because we have kind of completed the annual inspections of our units.

If anyone wants to find out a good property manager here in Southern California, they can reach out to  Julia, directly at Real Property Management Choice. 

They operate on the west side of Los Angeles and South Bay, and her phone number is 310-984-9518.