Interest Rates Are Signaling for us to continue "BORROWING"

borrow interest rates Apr 18, 2019

Did you hear the Good news? 

"The Chicago Fed President Says Interest Rates Can Go Unchanged Until Fall 2020".  

They are telling us that the era of free money will continue.  Check out the yield on the 10-year Treasury below.


So you can still build wealth with debt for at least another year. 

That's exactly what I intend to continue doing. I am in the process of borrowing even more money,  What about you?  

A few years ago, I wrote and recorded a Rap Song describing just how to build wealth, by using debt and reducing your taxes.  If you have never watched the music video, you can do so here.   

The lyrics are on the screen for a reason.  It's not due to vanity, it's to educate, so you can replicate, so be sure to sing along to the song, so you can implement the same method.

I have millions of dollars of debt and am in the process of closing on even more debt this month.

Why would anyone NOT take advantage of all the free money to build wealth for themselves?

We should count our blessings.  The good times will continue for at least another 12 months.

I see so many people who have wasted a decade.    I am begging you...Don't waste more time. 

Build wealth for yourself with the Gift which keeps on giving, as it may not last forever.

Perhaps, you are one of the millions of individuals that continues to believe that saving money and getting out of debt is the way to build wealth?  If so, change your paradigm immediately.   

I don't understand how people lack money/capital with over a decade of free money.   I'm not suggesting to use debt to buy liabilities.  Use debt to buy and/or build assets, then it is considered "Good Debt".  Hint:  The asset must provide a return in excess of the cost of the money.   With money nearly free, how can one NOT achieve that goal?

Again, if you want to learn more about how I use debt to build wealth then go back and watch my music video via this link.  This is exactly how the wealthy do it for themselves, so why shouldn't you? 



I repeat......Use Debt and Reduce Your Taxes to Buy and Build Assets.  

Interest Rates Are Signaling for us to continue "BORROWING".   

Don't waste more valuable time, as that is your most valuable asset.

So tell me...

  1. How much wealth have you built over the last decade? How much was a result of all the Free Money?

  2. Alternatively, are you one of the millions who has wasted a decade and NOT gotten wealthy with all the Free Money?  If so, why?

Which of the above describe you the best over the past decade?

Look forward to hearing back from you.   

To implement the Financial Freedom Formula for yourself, enroll in the course via this link.  Its free for 7 days. 

Don't waste more precious time.  Time is of the essence as one day the free money may go away.