Freedomfest 2019 Update

freedomfest update Jul 26, 2019

I love doing whatever I want EACH and EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.  That is one of the PRIMARY BENEFITS of Financial Freedom.  

Since 95% of the population has to continue trading their time for money, they are unable to attend these events, so if you missed Freedomfest and want to see the photos' you can go ahead and do so below:

Congrats Jo-Ann and Mark Skousen, and the Entire Extended team for another CONTENT RICH and FLAWLESSLY  EXECUTED conference and allowing me to teach everyone "How to Achieve Financial Freedom Quickly with the $70B Formula" for the 4th year in a row.

I learned so much about the Global Trade Wars, The Economy, Debt, Natural Resources and danced for hours at the Saturday night Gala which was so much fun with the Amish Band.   Here are a few photos which I thought I would share

Stephen Moore, One of the Economic Advisors to Our President and Me




Herman Cain, who ran for President, and I







Mark Skousen, a Descendant of Benjamin Franklin and responsible for FreedomFest.













My dear friend's Anthem and Cynthia Blanchard and Jo Ann Skousen, Mark's Amazing Talented and Lovely wife on the right;












Valerie Durham (Mark and Jo Ann's Daughter) who enables us all to have the best time each and every year.

Unfortunately, only a few of those Fake Real Estate Investors/Guys were in attendance in my training to learn How To Achieve Financial Freedom Quickly.  So they can get the training HERE if they missed it in Las Vegas. 

Lastly, Those who continue asking for Trumps Tax Returns, can you stop wasting your time as he already told you he doesn't pay Taxes during the debate in 2016.  Nor do I because we are SMART.  It would be a better use of your time to learn HOW we are able to pay ZERO taxes LEGALLY which you can learn how it's done for Free here.