Episode 60: Gena Lofton - Building Infinite Wealth and the Four Types of Income

show Aug 24, 2018

This week Gena discusses the Cash Flow Quadrant and the four (4) Ways Income is Created.  The people on the Left Side of the quadrant are Employees and/or Self-employed.  This is where 95% of the population exists yet, they control only 5% of the wealth, primarily, because they own NO assets and pay the highest tax rate.  The left side could pay an excess of 40% in Taxes, depending upon their income level and their State residency.

Alternatively, people on the Right side of the quadrant are Business Owners and/or Investors and pay as little as 0% to 20% in taxes.  This is why they control 95% of the wealth. 

The earlier one learns the different types of income and begins generating that which is the most tax efficient on the right side of the quadrant, the higher the likelihood that they will have a lifetime of financial abundance and not worry about outliving their money.  

If you are adverselHere are the three (3) options one can pursue if they are adversely impacted as a result of tax reform:

  1. Move to a Lower Tax Jurisdiction;
  2. Move to the Right Side of the Quadrant
  3. Bend over and Take it without Vaseline and Pay more in Taxes;

Moving to the right side of the quadrant requires a change in one's mindset and it isn't for everyone.  The best thing about the right side of the quadrant is that you have more time to pursue your passion and build Infinite Wealth which can only be achieved on the right side of the quadrant.  The Infinite Wealth Formula consists of these four (4) steps.

  1. Create assets that have the greatest market value in relation to the time you used to create them;
  2. Exchange or sell the assets you create for assets that generate the greatest wealth at the least expenditure of your time;
  3. Spend Sufficient amounts of your wealth to build structures and associations that free up more of your time so that you can grow your capacity to convert more of your growing wealth into more capital producing assets.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 over and over, as long as the demands on your time remain small enough to keep your businesses under control and you are able to maintain all other aspects of your life.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode

  • The Four Types of Income and Tax Rates for Each
  • Three (3) Ways to Reduce One's Taxes
  • Moving to from the left side of the quadrant to the right side of the quadrant;
  • How to Create Infinite Wealth

About Gena

Gena Lofton is an Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker.  She is the host of the show “The Gena Lofton Show” which helps people to live a full life which begins with achieving financial freedom.  She created a proprietary methodology, The Financial Freedom Formula F3 which is a step by step system which enables anyone to replace their higher taxed income with assets which generate tax-efficient passive income by using debt and reducing one’s taxes.  Thousands have successfully used the formula to achieve financial freedom and it is the same formula which Gena used to acquire over 4,000 apartment units, a Hilton resort, assisted living facilities, oil and gas ventures, junior mining, technology, and telecommunication (e.g. AT&T) assets.   

Gena’s corporate careers is extensive having transformed many Fortune 1000 companies while at Ernst & Young Management Consulting until the sale to Cap Gemini in 2002 for $11 billion. She spent nearly a decade as part of the management team of DIRECTV, which led to the sale to AT&T for $48.5 billion in 2015.  She is the author of Escape the Madness, The, 10 Steps to Get Out of the Rat Race. She has never married and resides in Los Angeles, California.