Who Is On Your Team?

team May 21, 2019

Last week was so incredibly productive.  I went to Arizona to attend the Annual MC Companies Investor Summit.  This is one of my favorite times of the year as I get to spend time with my tribe.

I LOVE hanging out with people who actually own "Tax Efficient Income producing assets" vs. the "Stock Picker People".  You know the type, they are The Wall Street junkies who buy low and hope that one day they can sell high for a Capital Gain.  It's nothing wrong with "Stock Picker People",  I just prefer a) Assets which generate Tax Efficient Passive Income and b) Hanging out with the rare individuals who own them and know the difference.

There are so many horrible dishonest, incompetent and financially illiterate Sponsors/ Operators/ Partners I am blessed to have successfully found a few using the criteria I discussed in "How to Select a Partner/Sponsor.  If you missed those video's, go back and review  Part I and/or Part II.  

Here is a photo of a few of my partners taken last week in Arizona.

Ken McElroy and I


Me, Chuck, Tanner, and Reese - Tanner and Chuck are my other Partners and Reese is Tanner's wife.


Last but not least, I had time to visit with my CPA/Wealth Advisors over at Provision.  They are critical team members who I rely upon throughout the calendar year not just in April to ensure I pay the least amount of Taxes Legally.

Me, Kyle (Left) and Todd (Right)

Over a decade ago Todd was instrumental in the development of my Tax/Wealth Strategy which enabled me to achieve Financial Freedom in only a few short years.  Today, this has evolved into the Financial Freedom Formula™ Proprietary Methodology which helps anyone achieve Financial Freedom Quickly vs. working until they die.

It was great seeing everyone and catching up and I thank everyone immensely for a wonderful week and your continued Partnership and Advice. 

It's because of you that I am successful.

So tell me about your team in the comments section below this post.