Want to Know How I Get An Infinite Rate of Return Legally and Quickly?


Watch the above video where I discuss Financial Statement which is the Tool that enables me to Get an Infinite Rate of Return.  See, the Financial Statement makes me Rich. The Lack of One Makes Others Poor. 

When someone doesn't have one, they are unable to ever become Financially Free, and can NEVER get an Infinite Rate of Return.  This is the main reason, why so few are Financially Free.   If they had a Financial Statement and understood how it works, they would have used the last decade of Free Money to achieve Financial Freedom for themselves.


Therefore, if ANYONE has NOT achieved FINANCIAL FREEDOM, WITH A DECADE OF FREE MONEY, BY DEFAULT, THEY ARE FINANCIALLY ILLITERATE, and I will help anyone who want's to learn.

What is Financial ILLITERACY?  Let me explain, at the most basic level, If you have NO Financial Statements, which is 95% of the Population, you are FINANCIALLY ILLITERATE.

  • Before you Invest, in any Asset (e.g. Real Estate, Business, ATM, etc.) you MUST have a Financial Statement;
  • Before you Raise capital from Investors, you MUST have a Financial Statement.
  • Before you INVEST your money with a SYNDICATOR/OPERATOR, they MUST have Financial Statements.  

The above is Investing 101 and NON-NEGOTIABLE

If you don't know your numbers, I will teach you for free via this link.  That is the 1st step of the formula, because a) FINANCIAL ILLITERACY IS VERY DANGEROUS and 2) The Financial Statement is what enables ME to Get Rich QUICKLY and LEGALLY and an INFINITE RATE OF RETURN, over and over, and over again.

You WILL NEVER BECOME financially Free unless you have an intimate understanding of the Financial Statement.  I will teach anyone who wants's to learn.

Any Partner/Operator/Syndicator that doesn't provide you with Financial Statements, EACH and EVERY quarter with the details of your asset/PIG so you can evaluate ts performance or lack thereof, is FINANCIALLY ILLITERATE and should enroll in the Financial Freedom Formula™ program.

THIS IS A PREREQUISITE, for FINANCIAL FREEDOM which is why all my students learn their FREEDOM NUMBER FIRST, which is a part of their FINANCIAL STATEMENT.

It is impossible for you to ever do what I DO or my PARTNERS/FRIENDS do, without a Financial Statement.  If anyone wants to learn how it works, I will teach you and How the Financial Statement makes us rich and enables us to print money LEGALLY and QUICKLY.

For those raising capital from investor's, please remember that "SYNDICATION",.....is a tool to conduct BUSINESS", it is NOT A BUSINESS. If you don't know the difference then, I am more than happy to TEACH YOU the difference, INSIDE, the FINANCIAL FREEDOM FORMULA Program.

For those that continue pretending, they know, you are actually part of the PROBLEM.  and I will help you to become part of the SOLUTION, when and if you ever are ready to be the SOLUTION.  IF NOT, then continuing being the problem, which is VERY, VERY, DANGEROUS, and reminiscent of MADOFF.

If anyone is reading this blog, feel free to forward this to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) so they too can learn and then place a “cease and desist order“ on any SYNDICATOR/OPERATOR who is raising money from investors who doesn't have Financial Statements.  In my opinion, the SEC is the ROOT cause of the proliferation of the Madoff's.  The SEC should mandate that all Syndicators/Operators take the Financial Freedom Formula (F3)™ when Congress passed the Jobs Act in 2012.  But since they didn't, I will teach this to anyone who wants to learn as my giving back to Make America Great Again.

FINANCIAL ILLITERACY IS VERY DANGEROUS.   Thank goodness, TODAY, we FINALLY have the 1st President of the United State of America, who is Financially Literate as he knows this stuff. 

President Trump, perhaps you can have the SEC mandate Financial Literacy be taught to Syndicators/Operators, at a minimum, to prevent investors money going to Money HEAVEN, but ideally across the entire education system within the US.