Episode 30: Rick Rule – The Contrarian Investor

investing show Feb 23, 2018

Rick discusses how Sprott is a Canadian company that manages 11 billion in assets. They focus exclusively on natural resource investments. He has been in the business for forty years and experienced four market cycles.

The resource business is very cyclical, and you have to be a contrarian investor if you are in this space. The recent bear market has been spectacular in which prices fell on average by sixty percent. The resource index for equities declined by 88%. We are currently coming out of that bear market.

The more risk you take, the more reward you can gain, but you have to put there time and effort into it. Early bull market gains can be obtained by just buying the best companies. There is a difference between investment and speculation, and you need to figure out where you are as an investor.

You should invest in yourself before you invest in markets. You should start by reading the intelligent investor by Ben Graham, and Rick feels its the best investment book he has...

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Episode 29: Adrian Day - Natural Resources - The Asset Class on Sale

show Feb 19, 2018

Adrian is President & CEO of Adrian Day Asset Management they personalize their investor’s holdings to meet their clients underlying needs. Different clients have different stocks with their firm, and for that reason, the performance will be different. They manage accounts globally and hold equities from around the world. They also invest in smaller market cap companies but are very careful with their due diligence.

Many gold mining companies have written off billions of dollars in assets that were purchased at high prices. There are exceptions like Franco Nevada who held onto their funds and did a buying spree when prices were low. Many companies don’t work with the underlying financial cycles. There seems to be a direct correlation between management payroll and assets being written off.

He discusses the various bad decisions that mining companies have been making. Decisions like buying assets when prices are high, dilution of shares and overpaying management....

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Episode 28: Collin Kettell - Moments with Collin from Palisade's At Jekyll Island

show Feb 16, 2018

Collin is a founder of Palisade Global Investments Ltd. a company that is focused on the junior mining sector. He explains that junior miners are similar in many ways to new technology companies. Some of them become very successful in making new discoveries however many will fail. Larger mining companies need to replenish their in the ground assets and they often accomplish this by purchasing these smaller companies after they make discoveries.

Currently, nearly every asset class in the world is at all-time highs. The only sector that is relatively depressed is the resource sector. This is the kind of sector where you can and should buy whenever prices are low.

They try to identify and understand what commodities will soon be in demand and then gain exposure to companies that will benefit greatly from these coming higher prices. Commodities that are interesting right now include the battery metals like cobalt, lithium, and nickel. These battery metals are used by electric vehicles...

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Episode 27: Buck Joffrey - Making Money In Life Insurance

show Feb 12, 2018

Buck Joffrey is a medical doctor, asset manager, and podcaster. He defines wealth as the freedom to do what you want with your time. His show is another tool that can help you create multiple streams of income that do not involve trading more of your time.

He is a surgeon of neurosurgery, plastic surgery, and head/neck surgery until he retired from the field at 42. He started a podcast to teach highly educated professionals that are missing out on the means to capitalize on real wealth. There is a clear lack of education in this area.

His podcast is an informational one and is focused on Accredited Investors. They discuss opportunities in tax mitigation and asset classes. His background is in entrepreneurship, and he says that while this is not for everyone there can be tremendous advantages. Moving to the passive side of the cash-flow quadrant by becoming a business investor can really bring benefits.

He has recently become involved with “life settlements” which is a...

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Investor Risk Management Strategies

risk management Feb 09, 2018

The recent volatility in the stock market should NOT be a surprise if you have been following my warnings.  If you didn't read the post please do so via this link.  Perhaps if those geniuses on Wall Street where on my list, they would be more prepared and could advise their clients.  An investor and/or any Financial Advisor "Must Be Able to See The Future Today".   Otherwise, it's meaningless.

Therefore, I have consolidated my list of Risk Management Strategies which I have implemented over the last 12 to 24 months or so. 

Here are the Top Risk Management Strategies every investor should implement as soon as possible;

  1. Increase the credit standards of your customer base, especially those who have long-term contracts (e.g. tenants);
  2. Evaluate your asset protection strategy with your attorney to ensure you have adequate protection from any lawsuits;
  3. Increase your operating expenses by 10% to account for higher labor and material due...
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Episode 26: Marcus New - Investing in Tax Efficient Private Equity with InvestX

show Feb 09, 2018

Marcus New is the CEO of InvestX which allows accredited investors to participate in the late-stage of private businesses like Spotify, Dropbox, and Uber. One of the significant challenges is how does one get in on an IPO and more importantly can you invest early in a technology company. They typically invest in these companies three years before there initial IPO. They look for companies with growth, high revenue, and a global footprint. They can be in medical information, big data security, cloud computing and many others in the technology sector.

They have launched two funds one in Canada and the other in the United States. The fund is set for four years, and they typically make investments in 10 to 15 different companies in the first year. They then redistribute the profits back to investors over the years two through four. This structure gives investors a speedy return from these private growth equity investments. InvestX structures their Funds with Tax Efficiency in mind for...

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Episode 25: Gaining Knowledge Rapidly in any Industry or Asset Class

show Feb 05, 2018

So many people inquire how I am able to learn about an industry/asset class. One way is by attending the leading industry conferences. The dominate conference is that of Cambridge House International lead by Jay Martin. Therefore, while in Vancouver I was able to spend time with Jay to let him share more about his company and how you can benefit.

Jay discusses how the Cambridge House company got started as the Diamond Investment Conference in 1993 by his father Joe Martin. He took over the reins from his father in 2010 and expanded the business during the Bear Market. His team works very hard to make things work in one of the worst markets. Their operation is very lean and efficient.

This year they have 333 booths and companies in attendance at the Vancouver Conference. Today they have three different mining and investment conferences each year with one in San Francisco. They have technology conferences as well in Vancouver and Toronto.

He describes the unique challenges in taking...

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Episode 24: An Aussie Real Estate Investor Dominating the US Multifamily Apartment Sector

real estate Feb 02, 2018

Reed Goossens founded RSN Property Group here in the US and has been hitting it out the ballpark.

Reed compares the various real estate markets of the United States with his home country of Australia. He really encourages Americans to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to those in the United States.

He has focused on second-tier properties in cities where there are strong demographics and productivity. These are places like Texas, North Carolina, and parts of Arizona. He has a background in structural engineering and project management which has helped him build a successful business.

He is involved in several significant apartment building acquisitions. They look for properties that have been well maintained and held for long periods of time in areas with strong demand. They want 90% occupancy and buildings that can get good financing options through Freddie and Fannie.

They keep rents just below market norms and in line with the typical economic...

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Episode 23: The Lancaster Men – Successful Investing like the Amish/Mennonite

show Jan 29, 2018

Gena introduces three amazing men from Lancaster, Pa. They are Peter Zook, Marcus Zook, and Matt Byler. They are all investors in several asset classes and successfully run businesses.

Peter is in the storage and garage manufacturing business, and he works with his four brothers and his father. They each have different roles in the company and various investing strategies. He works in the dispatching and permits side of the business where he coordinates with customers. As an investor, he invests in real estate and junior mining.

Mark works in the office with the family. His primary source of income is from the business. He takes that money and invests in real estate for the tax benefits. He likes the junior mining space as the real estate market is pretty hot. He is also excited about the crypto space.

Matt grew up Amish on a dairy farm; he points out that he only has an eighth-grade education. He now has a trucking business and delivers the types of buildings that the Zook...

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Episode 22: Eric Tait – Financial Freedom Thru Accredited Investing

show Jan 26, 2018

Eric is a physician and is invested in real estate, thru hotels, small apartments, and single-family homes. He is also the founder and fund manager of Vernonville Asset Management. He wanted to diversify his income beyond the stock market. He looks for market problems with which to offer opportunities through teams of competent people. He feels diversifying across asset classes, and geography is essential.

Mr. Tait discusses accredited investing which he learned about from the Rich Dads Guide To Investing. You have to understand these financial terms, risks, and concepts to find where the best deals are located.

Historically doctors are taxed quite high, and most are now employed and thus have no deductions. You end up giving half your salary to the government. He helps people figure out solutions to this issue through LLC’s etc. LLC’s let you move to the right side of the quadrant as investors. There are many tax benefits in this area.

He says, “From day one I...

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