LIVE TRAINING SERIES - How to Double Your Income in One Year Without Working More Hours

live training Apr 02, 2018

Do you want to learn how to double your income in one year without working longer hours?

  • Do you know how much you are paying currently in taxes?
  • Do you know which type of income will enable you to pay less in Taxes?
  • Do you know you can work less and earn more money in one year?

If you’re now wondering about how to do these things, you won't want to miss this live training!

In this training you will: 

  1. Discover the four (4) types of Income;
  2. Discover the four (4) best methods for doubling your income in one year;
  3. Learn Strategies for accelerating your income beginning in Q2 2018?

The replay of this live training will be made available immediately following the live event via our Training Center.


This training will be streamed live on the Accredited2Accredited Facebook Page 
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The replay will be made available inside our Training Center.


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Episode 40: Michael Becker - Commercial Real Real Estate Investing

show Mar 30, 2018

Michael has a background in property management, banking, taxation and real estate. He worked at Wells Fargo overseeing lending for multi-family apartments deals before he realized that there was more money to be made as an owner. Going out on his own had a certain degree of uncertainty after coming from the corporate world. He started out with a couple of small single-family homes in 2010 which he renovated and became a landlord. Then he reconsidered what he was doing and realized he couldn’t scale so he transitioned to apartment deals.

He helped start SPI Advisory, a firm which invests in apartment complexes. They look for value-added multifamily real estate opportunities in Texas. They then work with passive investors to raise the capital via a syndication using a private placement. This way you can own a small percentage of a large apartment complex. The firm has done nearly $500m and has over 300 investors. They only work with accredited investors and have a minimum of...

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PRESS RELEASE - Solution for State and Local Income Taxes $10k Maximum Deduction

tax Mar 28, 2018

A Solution to the $10k Maximum Deduction for State and Local Income Taxes for Residents who reside in the High-Income Tax States such as California.  

(March 28th, 2018)
–  High-Income Earners who reside in the High Income Tax States, help is on the way.  We are offering you an alternative to permanently reduce your taxes by $100k or more within 1 Year. This is a solution to the $10k Maximum Deduction for State and Local Income Taxes as a result of Tax Reform.

This free training will show you how to Eliminate Your Tax liability by $100K or more in One Year Just by Implementing Three (3) easy steps.  We have proven that once you implement these three steps you will be protected from any adverse changes as a result of Tax Reform. 

One recent customer shared the following….“I had no idea that I could reduce my taxes by utilizing the tax code. In the past, my CPA’s had advised me just to make less money or buy a larger house. Now, I...

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Episode 39: Bill Trimble - Industry Veteran Explains Warrants for the Novice Investor

show Mar 27, 2018

Bill discusses his experience with warrants as he has been in the brokerage and security business for 35 years. He’s been involved with hundreds of warrants both in obtaining, issuing, exercising and seeing warrants expire worthlessly.

A warrant is a security that typically comes via a private placement. They are usually priced below the market price and have various conditions attached. He outlines the different factors that can affect warrants and how there are often sweeteners to entice investors. A warrant is an option to buy x amount of shares for a certain price within a certain time frame. A warrant typically gives you the right to buy an extra share or a half of a share.

Typically the holder of the warrant must know when the warrant expires. The date is clearly stated on the warrant and most are for two years. The best way of managing warrants is to deposit them with your full-service brokerage. If you have a lot of warrants you will want to keep track of them. He...

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Episode 38: Keith Weinhold - Get Rich With Real Estate Investing

show Mar 23, 2018

Keith talks about how we are the architect of our own lives and why you should figure out what life you want. His first ever purchase was a four-plex where he lived in one unit and rented out the others. He discusses how a mortgage for this is quite easy to obtain.

Being wealthy is a choice which he discovered from the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books. You need to think differently. Poor people work for their money, and they have nothing left to invest. Middle-class people just look for ways to get their money to work for them, but that doesn’t build wealth. To truly get rich you need to get other people’s money to work for you.

When you provide sound housing to others, you are operating in a way that is ethical. You’re using the bank’s money for the loan, the tenant’s money for an income stream and you get various tax incentives from the government. You end up using other peoples money in three different ways. You can also get a 1031 exchange which...

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tax Mar 20, 2018

One of the ways I was able to invest in real estate over the past decade was due in part to reducing my Taxes by becoming a Real Estate Professional. Had I NOT, I would NOT have had the capital to invest.

At the time, I was a high-income wage earner residing in the highest income tax state in the union, California.  Taxes could have exceeded 50% (e.g. Federal, State, Local Income Taxes, SDI/FICA, etc) of my income.  Earned income is the highest taxed income. Without becoming a real estate professional, my ability to build capital would have been impossible.

Unfortunately, very few people take advantage of the tax code which essentially is becoming a partner with the Government and taking advantage of the tax incentives.  Then they wonder why they are unable to save and invest.  It’s impossile when 50% goes out just to pay taxes.

If you are a high-income wage earner, a 401k or any of that other stuff is NOT going to put a dent in reducing your...

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Episode 37: Edward Goldkuhl and Carl Johnston – Planning Your Estate

estate show Mar 19, 2018

Gena interviews her friend and mentor Carl Johnston along with Edward Goldkuhl who is an estate attorney. Edward has been an estate planning attorney for twenty years. He talks about how there are opportunities for people to save on taxes and direct their affairs after they pass away. He details how probate works in California.

Recent tax reform in California has brought about a substantial increase of up to twenty million dollars that can be given away tax-free. This is an excellent time to take advantage of trusts and all of the benefits that come with them. It’s likely that this opportunity will not last very long due to government regulation and these changes seem to be unpopular.

Probate is expensive in California, and this is due to specific attorney fees are required by law. This is one reason why trusts are useful because trusts do not die, trusts agreements always specify who inherits the trust.

It’s difficult to find good lawyers; he suggests asking around...

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Episode 36: Patrick Donohoe - Perpetual Wealth

show Mar 16, 2018

Patrick is the President and CEO of Paradigm Life which he started in 2007. He has a background in economics, financial advising, and marketing. His company has grown and now has an excellent team of financial advisors. He has found running the company to be very rewarding because he has been able to empower people and help them in their financial lives. They work with people of all net worth to improve their financial cash flow. Their goal is financial freedom for their clients, so they prefer not to focus on the idea of retirement.

Society has this belief that debt is bad, however, if you understand economics, then you know that the entire worlds financial system is based on debt. Banks lend out the majority of what they have on deposit. Central banks should not have as much power as they do there are a lot of unintended consequences from that system.

They have a financial product which is a type of insurance policy. You own a part of the insurance company and receive a...

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Episode 35: David Morgan – Why You Need Exposure to Precious Metals

show Mar 12, 2018

David writes the Morgan Report a newsletter that discusses the resource sector. They specialize in mining equities, and they look at ETF’s and futures. He has a particular focus on silver and gold. They analyze companies to assess their sensitivity to price changes in the underlying commodities.

He talks about how he got into the cellular market in the 1980’s, and while it was a high risk, it also came with high rewards. Likewise, with the newsletter, they try to assess the risks involved in different investment opportunities to suit everyone’s requirements. In this sector, some companies steadily become better and better while many don’t.

He expects to see steady improvement in the precious metals space, and there are several reasons for this, but the biggest one is the debt problem that central banks have created. You can’t get out of debt by creating more debt, and this is a proven recipe for disaster. If the bankers don’t do some sort of...

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Episode 34: Marilyn Cohen - Understanding the Bond Market

show Mar 09, 2018

As an investor, you want to pay close attention to the Bond Market. So I was able to spend time with Marilyn Cohen who manages Envision Capital Management a firm that oversees $400 million in both municipal and corporate bonds.

She has been in the bond market since 1979 and has seen a lot of interest rate cycles. Bonds are still a mystery to most people, while most understand stocks, very few understand bonds. She points out that the bond markets are bigger and more global than the equity markets. In my opinion, the Bond Market allows one to see the future. If one understands Bonds, they Understand Money, if they Understand Money, they understand Taxes. This is the basis of Financial Literacy and why I spend time on this in the Financial Freedom Formula course.

States and counties issue municipal bonds which are how they fund schools and roads. Bondholders are the investors, but taxpayers are ultimately on the hook for what actions government takes. Marilyn also shared the...

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