Episode 52: Jerry Huang – Impact Silver – Leverage Advantage with Mining Equities

mining show Jun 22, 2018

Jerry is Director of Corporate Development and Investor Relations for Impact Silver Corporation. Impact has producing mines located two hours south of Mexico City in an area known as the Zacualpan Silver District. This area was a producing region 500 years ago with over 4,500 historic silver mines.

They are continuing to explore and develop in the region, and over the last ten years, they have raised 30 million in capital from investors. They have used that capital to grow the project organically.

So far they have produced over 160 million in revenue with 9 million ounces of silver. The company has a 30 million market cap with annual revenue of 15 million. Their current break-even point is around $14.00 an ounce silver. So they are making a little bit of money each year at current prices.

They are excited about using some of the revenue to continue exploration throughout 2018. They have 360 square kilometers of land with numerous targets of interest, and they have had some very...

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Episode 51: Asia Trip Debrief

show Jun 15, 2018

In this weeks episode, I discuss my exciting trip to Asia. This was my first trip to Asia, and it was the most incredible. I went for two weeks with Stansberry Research and a select group of about 20-30 investors.

I arrived in Bejing where I checked out much of the city solo for a few days before the Stansberry Group of Investors arrived. Together we visited Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu. Here is a group photo at the top of the Great Wall of China.

Hopefully, we will get our Wall soon with President Trump as our Fearless Leader. China began the building of their wall in 2600 BC so our wall is way overdue.

We left Beijing via train to Shanghai. While in Shanghai, we took a mag-lev train with speeds of 450 Kilometers Per Hour.

Shanghai, is a vast place, far broader in scope than New York City. The lights and the buildings are grand. The Chinese are incredibly advanced. Take a look at the photo below and the beautiful Shanghai skyline...

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Episode 50: Charlie Jordan Brookins - Faith, Food, and Fitness

show Jun 08, 2018

I would like you all to meet Charlie, she is the founder of Fit Thru Faith and is a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Health Coach. She wants to help you make the connection between faith, food, and fitness.

She started out at North Western University and then she got her MBA and ended up in the entertainment business. She was a film director and then a development executive and then she left entertainment as senior vice president of programming for a cable network. She has always liked being a Health and Wellness specialist. It helped her to be sustainable in her career.

Going out on your own is entirely different from the safety of the corporate world, and it takes a little while to get started. Having passive income would be a great benefit to starting a business. She recommends that if you have a professional career, you should consider the advantages of that strategy.

When she was young, she learned that food affects your energy level. She has had a spiritual calling to help...

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Episode 49: MC Laubscher – Infinite Banking is Infinite Wealth

show Jun 01, 2018

Michiel runs a company called Producers Wealth which operates as a wealth management company. They work with producers, creators, professionals and general investors to protect and multiply their client’s wealth outside of Wall Street. They invest in alternative investments which do not rely on Wall Street. He says, “You are your number one asset, and your investments should be within your own business.” They create processes and systems to increase and multiply the investments of their clients. They work primarily with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

They focus on increasing your productivity by improving sales, marketing, and training. This helps you increase your income and your liquidity. Then they focus on helping you invest your earnings back into your own business. They use infinite banking which is a cash-flow strategy to park your money safely. They help you find favorable tax advisors and passive income generators.

Producers Wealth helps...

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Episode 48: Ken McElroy – How to Build Wealth in Real Estate

show May 25, 2018

Ken started out in real estate investing with a two bedroom condo that he purchased using his own money. Now the company he founded with his partner Ross has over ten thousand units and 300 employees throughout the South West. He’s learned a lot about real estate as a property manager and has never looked back. Ross works on the construction of properties while Ken focuses on finding the opportunities and working with investors.

Currently, they are avoiding multi-family dwellings as the market seems overpriced. They are still looking for opportunities but are being careful. They are even selling some of their properties which are in overpriced markets.

Their focus is on the overall return to the investor, so the projects they invest in have to make money. They do their own analysis and do not rely on others optimism. He says, “You need to figure out all of the details to know if a property is going to be viable.” Many people have unrealistic expectations about...

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2018 Mid Year Financial Assessment

goals income taxes May 23, 2018


I am leaving for China this weekend.  Visiting Beijing, ShanghaiHong Kong, and Macau.  We have a number of meetings with a few investment firms about the largest industrial project in the world, OBOR, One Belt One Road.  Over $6 Trillion is committed to the project and I have investment capital in the region.  I am excited as it's my first time visiting Asia.

I find it fascinating when people ask "Are you traveling for business or pleasure"?  Fortunately, I have NEVER separated the two (2) as what I do is business and I have lots of fun which brings me pleasure, whether it's where I reside and/or travel.  It's all the same.   I have lots of fun and make money at the same time.

I feel very sorry for those who do NOT have this as their reality.  Most likely its a result doing what they don't love.   Thus, they are working just for the money and the money doesn't bring them any...

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Episode 47 – Jeremy Roll – The Importance of Diversification

show May 18, 2018

Jeremy is a full-time investor who likes to diversify across asset classes, operators, and geographies. For him investing broadly is important to minimize risk. He focuses on investments that he fully understands and it takes awhile to get comfortable with new asset classes, operators, and geographies.

For example, you don’t want to be fully invested in something like indoor strip malls and be exposed to your income and the value of your asset plummeting as the market shifts to online purchases. What looks good today may not be good tomorrow.

Jeremy looks for predictability of cash-flow. The more diversified one is the less volatility in their portfolio. His diversified portfolio consists of apartments, student housing, mobile home parks, self-storage facilities, retail strip malls, office buildings, and various aspects of single family homes. He also has investments in ATMs, websites and recently a couple of startups.

The net worth of 80% of households in the U.S. has ...

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Episode 46: Gena Lofton - How To Achieve Financial Freedom

show May 11, 2018

In today’s episode, Gena answers your questions about the Financial Freedom Formula (F3) which enables one to Achieve Financial Independence in less than a few short years.

The methodology is simple, as it requires one to reduce their taxes and/or use debt to buy/build assets which generate tax-efficient streams of passive income until one achieves their infinite wealth number. Financial Freedom is achieved when you have enough passive income to pay your expenses, then you will NOT need a JOB. Your expenses will be paid each month with your passive income, then you are free to pursue your passion.

Everyone has a different wealth number. Gena calls this your “infinite wealth number.” Some people invest for capital gains while others invest for cash-flow. These are two (2) different approaches, and the Financial Freedom Formula’s purpose is to help you use both and focuses on generating sufficient passive income/cash flow.

Gena talks about Kiyosaki’s...

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Episode 45: Kaaren Hall - Self Directing IRA's and Retirement

show May 04, 2018

I’d like to introduce Kaaren Hall, her company uDirect IRA helps you manage your retirement 401k or IRA and convert that to a self-directed IRA that allows you to control your investments and direct them into a wider base of asset classes.

Kaaren says, “This is an essential service because we all need to save for retirement.” There is a $27 trillion dollar pool of money in retirement funds and 97% of that is NOT self-directed. Many CPA’s and attorneys do not even know about this option even though it has been available since the 1970s. Having a self-directed IRA allows you to invest in many other areas like rental properties, LLC’s, real estate and private lending.

There are some drawbacks with this these types of IRA’s in that you cannot write-off losses. Therefore, as with any investment, you have to do your due diligence to make sure that you won’t experience losses with your investment. She discusses the important rules that exist...

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Episode 44: Mark Mobius – Investing in Emerging Markets

show Apr 27, 2018

The Guru of Emerging Markets is Mark Mobius. Mark is starting a new company, Mobius Capital Partners after his retirement in January 2018 as the Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group.

Mark started at Templeton back in 1987, before most Americans knew there were markets and/or countries to invest outside of the United States.

You can see why it was imperative for me to speak with Mark before my trip to China next month to meet with a few companies to discuss investment opportunities related to the largest industrial project in the history of the world, One Belt One Road (OBOR).

His new company will begin in April or May. Their mutual fund will be open to anyone around the world depending on regulations. Once they are registered in the United States, they will be open to IRA customers. This new fund will focus on emerging markets and public companies. They intend to invest in companies that are willing to act ethically; Mobius Capital will seek to encourage and...

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