Learn the four (4) types of income and Tax Rates

passive income taxes Mar 01, 2019


I just released a new video explaining the four (4) types of income and Tax Rates and the fastest path for anyone to build Wealth.  You can watch the video on this page or on our Youtube channel by clicking the graphic below:

As explained in the video, if you want to move to the right side of the quadrant, learn the three (3) simple steps for free.

To reiterate, the sooner you move to the right side of the quadrant, the faster you can reduce your taxes, such as mitigating the negative implications from the $10k maximum S.A.L.T. deduction and build wealth for yourself.

Gena Lofton


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How To Reduce Your Largest Expense - Taxes

expenses s.a.l.t taxes Feb 21, 2019

For most people, Taxes are their largest expense.  Therefore, unless you reduce your largest expense, Financial Freedom is elusive, and will always be an illusion, so be sure to watch the video where I share the three (3) choices one has to reduce their largest expense.  

If you a) reside in a high-income tax state and b) earn an above average income, you may find that you are paying more in Taxes as a result of the S.A.L.T deduction cap of $10,000.  

In the video, I provide the 3 choices you have in order to reduce your largest expense which will insulate you from the $10,000 cap.

Here are a few articles to help you in your journey towards Financial Freedom.

  1. If you are a high-income earner and live in a High Income Tax State, this is a great article which explains S.A.L.T, State and Local Income Tax Deductions.

  2. Here is a link to a tool that you can use to calculate your Freedom Number and how much on...

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In response to your inquiries, I have created a short video explaining the Financial Freedom Formula and how anyone can achieve Financial Freedom for themselves via implementing these three (3) steps.  




If you have additional questions on how it works, then feel free to take the free training via this link:


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Episode 63: Gena Lofton – How to Evaluate Your Goals for Q3 2018

show Sep 28, 2018

Hi Everyone

This weeks episode is dedicated to helping you review and achieve your goals as this is the end of the third quarter of 2018. If you haven’t set any goals yet now is the time. I want to encourage you to visit the store on this website where you can take the complimentary “Escape The Madness Course” which will help you to establish your goals.

You need to write down these goals, and they need to be “S.M.A.R.T.” This means that your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, promote Responsibility for that goal and have a set Timeline for achieving them. Without these characteristics, you are not as likely to meet them. You need clarity of vision and once you have that everything goes a lot smoother.

For everyone that has established some goals, I would like you to take a moment and assess how you are doing. Are you achieving them or are you exceeding them? If you are having trouble reaching them, then please let me know and feel free...

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Episode 62: Anita Lofton - Navigating the Medicare Landscape

show Sep 21, 2018

Anita is an expert in health insurance, and I wanted to discuss with her the latest changes in health care and open enrollment. She likes to advise seniors with their health care insurance concerns.

Health care costs are one of the things that can quickly drive people into bankruptcy. So this knowledge is a critical part of your abundant life and investments. Once you get sick, you need to understand what you are dealing with and it’s essential.

She explains the latest changes that have occurred with healthcare regulations. Under Trump, the tax penalty will be done away with, and they have changed some of the rules surrounding pre-existing conditions.

Open enrollment is a time period that happens each year when employers, corporations, and individuals can change their health plans. Open enrollment generally starts mid-October and goes through December 7th for policies that begin the next year. You usually can’t make changes to your plan outside of this time...

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Episode 61: Tom Corley - How to Develop Rich Habits

show Aug 31, 2018

Tom is a motivational and empowering speaker at conferences and is the author of several books that discuss the habits of the wealthy and how they differ from others. He discusses his childhood and how his successful businessman father ended up losing his fortune through a business sale that went bad.

He became interested in the habits of successful people when a friend with business problems asked him for advice. This sparked off an idea to conduct a study of people’s behavior and habits.

Early on he asked the question, “What do you do with your time at the end of your work day?” He got a lot of different answers, and he noticed that almost all of the wealthy people spent time away from home doing things that increased their knowledge and expanded their connections with others.

His study ended up breaking down habits into twenty different categories. To get participants interested in the study he offered free tax planning. He gathered a lot of information...

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Episode 60: Gena Lofton - Building Infinite Wealth and the Four Types of Income


This week Gena discusses the Cash Flow Quadrant and the four (4) Ways Income is Created.  The people on the Left Side of the quadrant are Employees and/or Self-employed.  This is where 95% of the population exists yet, they control only 5% of the wealth, primarily, because they own NO assets and pay the highest tax rate.  The left side could pay an excess of 40% in Taxes, depending upon their income level and their State residency.

Alternatively, people on the Right side of the quadrant are Business Owners and/or Investors and pay as little as 0% to 20% in taxes.  This is why they control 95% of the wealth. 

The earlier one learns the different types of income and begins generating that which is the most tax efficient on the right side of the quadrant, the higher the likelihood that they will have a lifetime of financial abundance and not worry about outliving their money.  

If you are adverselHere are the three (3) options one can...

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Episode 59: Value Added Shopping Center Investing with Michael Flight from Concordia Realty

real estate show Aug 17, 2018

I want to introduce you all to Michael, we met recently at FreedomFest and he is both amazing and knowledgeable. He has an extensive background in commercial real estate investing and is principal of Concordia Realty.
Concordia Realty specializes in shopping plazas and retail properties. They prefer to purchase operational commercial projects with existing income. They concentrate on strip shopping centers and they occasionally renovate or restructure existing commercial properties.

They have over a million square feet of retail space located in the Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan markets. Increasingly they are interested in Ohio and Wisconsin. They continually look for good opportunities and are working to expand into new areas.

Michael became involved in real estate shortly after college where he worked as a broker and then began working with a syndicator that owned shopping malls. In 1990, he started out on his own by founding Concordia.

They work primarily with hedge...

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Episode 58: PJ Miklus – Investing in Intellectual Property

show Aug 16, 2018

PJ has a background in business development and the stock market where he helped investors balance their portfolios. A year ago, he became interested in Royalty Exchange’s business model which works to connect investors with music artists via an auction platform. So far they have raised 40 million dollars in over 300 auctions for music property rights. He says, “This is a very exciting new type of asset class for investors.”

Royalty Exchange focuses primarily on music. Mr. Miklus describes how royalties in the music industry work and how the money flows in the music industry. Artists don’t get salaries or wages, but they do receive the benefits of the sales of their work. Today the focus is on internet downloads and music streaming which is a greatly growing market. So far of the billions of smartphones, only 112 million have subscribed to a paid streaming service.
Due to the online nature of the music industry, they can accurately determine an...

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Are Most People in Society Today Insane?

bankruptcy insanity Aug 07, 2018

Why are people doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?  Do they NOT know the definition of Insanity? 

Did you hear the recent news?  Baby Boomers are filing for Bankruptcy at an alarming rate.   

Older Americans have a higher presence in the U.S. bankruptcy system than ever before, according to a new report.  The rate at which Americans ages 65 and older are filing for bankruptcy has increased two-fold since 2013, the study by the Consumer Bankruptcy Project found.

Meanwhile, there has been a nearly 500% increase in the number of older Americans in the bankruptcy system, the study – first reported by The New York Times – showed. While more than 12% of filers are now seniors, just 2.1% were in 1991.  The average senior files for bankruptcy more than $17,390 in the red.

While baby boomers are retiring in bulk, that isn’t enough to explain the dramatic rise in bankruptcies, the...

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