Learn What to do When You See An Opportunity

partner May 17, 2019

In this video I want to share with you what to do as an investor:

"Opportunities do not last, you have to seize them when the opportunity presents itself".

 Think about this for a moment.  If I say to you I have the deal of a lifetime, are you actually going to take me up on that offer?

True story...

Recently, I offered my entire audience the opportunity to join my membership program at probably "one-tenth of one-tenth" of a percent of my billable rate of what my clients actually value my time and there were some people who actually seized the moment and they took me up on the opportunity. But there were others who sat there and debated.

Can you imagine? I literally spent the last decade building the largest Pay TV company in the world called Directv while simultaneously building a real estate portfolio of over 4k thousand apartment units and you have to think about whether to join so I can help you achieve Financial Freedom Quickly...

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financial freedom May 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day.  

Here is a gift which is a "Complimentary Ticket" for you to Learn How to Achieve Financial Freedom Quickly.

If you are a working mother, living in the State of California, I am sure you feel the pain and heard how hard it is for you, see the recent headline below.

Therefore, the sooner you achieve Financially Freedom, the easier life becomes.  So do yourself a favor and take the Complimentary Training via this link.


A "Side Benefit" of Financial Freedom is NEVER having to compromise your integrity for Money, thus Perhaps one day, Finacial Freedom could reduce the rapid spread of the "Me2 Movement" syndrome.

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How to Select A Sponsor/Operator/Partner - Part 2

partner May 10, 2019

This is the 2nd Part of a two (2) part video series where I share my philosophy on "How I Select A Partner".

Many of you ask me to invest and be your Partner. So I thought it would be more efficient for me to share my "Must Have's":

At a High Level, here is the list:

  1. My Partner(s) must be experienced in doing Value Added Real Estate by my definition (e.g. "Having a liquidity event to get 100% of my money back within 3 years via a Cash Out Refinance).  Otherwise, I am unable to have an infinite rate of return (e.g. Print Money Legally).

  2. My Partner(s) Must be Financially Free, (e.g Have their Passive Income Exceed their Expenses), thus they don't need my money.  If they aren't, they can learn how here.  

  3. My Partner(s) cannot be a Perpetual Money Raiser, as that is a Red Flag.   Syndication is "A Tool to Conduct Business" it is not "A Business".  Perpetual syndicators generally are the later and high risk.

  4. My...

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How to Select A Sponsor/Operator/Partner


This is Part I of a two (2) part video series in which I discuss my investment philosophy and How to select a Sponsor/Operator/Partner.   

Essentially, I do my own deals and I also find the "Lebron James" of a particular asset class and I ask them to be on their team.

Thus, I find Sponsors, Operators' and/or Partners that dominate in certain asset classes and I ask them if I can join their team (e.g. invest).   

Here are some of the reasons why I invest in this manner as it gives me exposure to one or more of the following:

  1. Larger deals due to their balance sheet;
  2. Asset Classes (e.g. Oil and Gas)
  3. Geographies (e.g. Outside my backyard)

Additionally, and more importantly, is How To Select a Sponsor/Operator/Partner

Pay close attention to this part of the video to prevent your Money from going to "Money Heaven", as coined by my dear friend "Rick Rule". 

Remember, as Warren Buffet Says there are two (2) rules of investing. 

Read and...

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Interest Rates Are Signaling for us to continue "BORROWING"

borrow interest rates Apr 18, 2019

Did you hear the Good news? 

"The Chicago Fed President Says Interest Rates Can Go Unchanged Until Fall 2020".  

They are telling us that the era of free money will continue.  Check out the yield on the 10-year Treasury below.


So you can still build wealth with debt for at least another year. 

That's exactly what I intend to continue doing. I am in the process of borrowing even more money,  What about you?  

A few years ago, I wrote and recorded a Rap Song describing just how to build wealth, by using debt and reducing your taxes.  If you have never watched the music video, you can do so here.   

The lyrics are on the screen for a reason.  It's not due to vanity, it's to educate, so you can replicate, so be sure to sing along to the song, so you can implement the same method.

I have millions of dollars of debt and am in the process of closing on even ...

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April 15th - Tax Day for US Tax Payers

debt taxes Apr 15, 2019


April 15th which is Tax Day for US Tax Payers. Therefore, I thought you may be interested to read the latest Financial Report of the US Government to learn more about Your Money. 

You can access the latest report via this link.

If your taxes are increasing year over year, why continue doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.  That is the definition of insanity.  

Take control of your financial future by learning more about your money.   Here is a chart from page 5 below.   


The US Government is telling you directly that their spending will increase.  Thus, so will your Taxes.  To believe otherwise is negligent. 

This past weekend I went to dinner with a few friends.  One of the individuals shared their inability to pay their tax bill, although he earned in excess of 7 figures in 2018.  

Don't be like this individual.  Take care of your financial...

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The Ultimate Guide to Pay Zero Taxes & Live in California or any other High Income Tax State

taxes Apr 12, 2019

You've heard me mention 1000 times that the way you earn your income determines how much you pay in taxes. 

I am proud to admit that I pay zero taxes legally and I reside in California, which has the highest state income taxes in the Union.

The way that I am able to pay zero in Taxes is by earning my income Passively.   The chart below is how I earn my income today.


Notice in the chart that I earn 100% of my income Passively.  Earning Passive Income instead of Earned/Active Income provides significant Tax Advantages. 

The advantages are available to anyone if they partner with the Government.  The government wants all citizens to provide jobs and/or housing for the citizens of its country.  The more patriotic and generous an individual, the least they pay in taxes. 

But it wasn't always this way.  Once upon a time, 100% of my income was Active/Earned Income.  But I realized that I had to change the way I earned my...

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Learn the Two (2) Types of Investing

capital gains Apr 08, 2019


Watch the video to learn more about the Two (2) types of investing:


1) Capital Gains vs.

2) Passive Income


Unfortunately, most people invest for Capital Gains hoping to buy something low and someday sell it for a higher price.  Such as stocks, businesses, house flippers, etc.  As you know, this is NOT always possible.


Capital Gains Investing is nice when it works, but when it doesn't, it is horrible. Passive Income is more reliable and is taxed more favorably.  


Expenses incur daily, so it's a bit risky to depend ONLY on Hunting to eat and/or pay the mortgage.   Thus, you know my preference.


I would love to hear your preference - Hunting or Farming and Why?

Please provide your comments below.


Click here to gain complimentary access to the 3 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom with Passive Income and invest like a Farmer.


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How to Make Sure You Are Investing vs. Buying a JOB

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2019

Do you know the difference between "Investing" vs. "Buying a JOB"?  It's important to make sure you know the difference.  

Comment below if you thought you were investing but realized that instead, you purchased a JOB?







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How To Build Wealth Fast with Value Added Real Estate


I just released a new video in which I share How to build wealth by doing Value Added Real Estate

You can watch by clicking the graphic below or playing the above video.

In the video, I discuss WHY I do Value Added Real Estate. 


Primarily, it's due to my desire to print money legally, to prevent myself from becoming extinct with the others in the rapidly deteriorating middle class.


As you can see in the chart below, the middle class has dwindled and will continue until it becomes extinct by moving to either the upper or the lower classes.



As I explained in the video, the main reason the middle class is shrinking is due to Income Taxes and Inflation. 


Therefore, to prevent yourself from going into extinction by moving to the lower class implement the steps located on this link. 


I made my choice so and can help you too.

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