Minimizing Your RISK from FRAUD/MISMANAGEMENT – A discussion with a Securities Attorney – PHIL AIDIKOFF


This week I have an amazing SECURITIES attorney that I would love to share with all of you. The show is all about helping you invest and minimize your risk. So I wanted to interview a securities attorney here in Beverly Hills.

His name is Phil Aidikoff from Aidikoff Uhl & Bakhtiari, their practice focus on representing people who have claims against the financial securities industry. They provide services to customers of brokerage firms and financial institutions, they also provide legal representation to executives and brokers,  municipalities and institutions, always against the financial services industry.

 Here is a summary of what you will learn in the interview:

  1. Phil's background?
  2. How Phil became a Securities Attorney?
  3. An explanation of the type of Securities Violations Phil's FIRM handles (e.g. Private placements and/or Stock market, or?)
  4. What is FNRA?
  5. The typical client which his firm represents (e.g. Brokers,...
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fleet week Sep 06, 2019

I  joined the celebration of Fleet Week last Labor Day weekend which was a blast and I wanted to take the opportunity to interview a few people to share them with you as they were very interesting.

First, I interviewed a lovely young lady with an amazing outfit named Victoria. She works in the USO, a  nonprofit that's been around since 1941. And it is their mission to connect our military to the things they love, family, home, and country.

Then we have Hospital Corpsman García explaining how the military is structured. 

And last but not least, I interviewed a Captain Sameer Bhombal who is from India and brings in the goods which we enjoy every day to the LA Port.  So want to understand how we get our goods?  His ship carries containers with cargo. He was at San Pedro during Fleet week to see The US Navy Battleship Iowa. He was very nice and he explained a lot of interesting topics about what a Merchant Shipper does...

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How to Manage Your Real Estate Properties Part 2

propertymanagement Aug 30, 2019

This is the second part of a two-part series. We have Julia here again and we're going to actually go through what we're doing in order to make sure that we are providing really great housing for our tenants in our California assets. So we're going to talk about our inspections. Julia has just finished up inspecting a bunch of units,  because I've owned my units for a long time, and I don't get to see them every day. She is going to give me a briefing on the inspection results.

Why do we do this?

Last week we talked about revenue and this week we will talk about expenses. We must manage our expenses thus, performing routine inspections is a normal part of owning income-producing real estate assets.

Most of my buildings are more than 30 years old. I am over 30 years old myself. So sometimes when you're that age, things may not work as well. So in order to make sure that they stay working well. We do inspections just to make sure nothing breaks down.

You can be proactive and...

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How to Manage Your Real Estate Properties Part 1

property management; Aug 23, 2019

I am very happy to introduce you to my right-hand lady. Her name is Julia and she owns  Real Property Management Choice, my Property Manager for my California Assets.  I literally could not make anything happen without Julia. She and I have been together for five years. And she actually manages all my California assets. It's because of her that I actually am able to eat. 

I thought I would actually bring her on the show so we can actually share exactly what a property manager does and what she does for me. 

Real Property Management Choice is a franchise with over 300 branches nationwide and as of today, Julia is managing about 200 units. She has a background in banking and finance. 17 years ago,  she got her real estate license to later become a professional property manager as if a general doctor became a specialist.

As I  said, I literally could not do anything I do without her. I'm not a property manager.  Julia is...

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The US Legal System and Black's Law Dictionary

  1. Care to Learn about the US Legal System? 
  2. How about why there are so Many People Running for President in 2020?

Then, watch this video where I interview my cousin Michael Biggs which may shed a bit of light on an ever complex topic which I think is a result of this Big Black Book which I have in my library.

This is the dictionary that is used by the lawyers within at least the United States of America. I don't have a really good understanding of this book and I think not many people do. So I wanted to introduce Michael Biggs,  my cousin, who is visiting me from Detroit, Michigan. He has a much better understanding of this book, so he can share it with all of you in the audience. 

Michael is 38 years old and grows medical marijuana. And I, at one point in time,  he got into a little bit of trouble because of that. Not because he was doing anything illegal by the books, but because of the interpretation of the law.

This book, which by the way it is very...

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Timeline to Financial Freedom


Watch the above video where I explain my timeline to Financial Freedom.

So, if you notice all of these asset classes, they are PIG types of passive income generators. They enable me to pay the minimum amount of taxes via oil and gas or businesses are real estate, etc, etc, etc. So that's basically what I did, I was able to achieve  Financial Freedom within 12 to 18 months.

It was very, very easy, and it should be for anyone because you've had a decade of free money.

If you look at the graph, you will see I was earning a lot of earned income, earned income, active income, and my taxes were very high. I used the tax code to my advantage in order to reduce my taxes utilizing the passive income generators, and I increased my passive income. My hours worked decreased over time because at the same time I was building Passive Income, I was on an active income at Direct TV (another asset I was building because I was a shareholder of Direct TV).

So within two to three years, I was...

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Freedomfest 2019 Update

freedomfest update Jul 26, 2019

I love doing whatever I want EACH and EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.  That is one of the PRIMARY BENEFITS of Financial Freedom.  

Since 95% of the population has to continue trading their time for money, they are unable to attend these events, so if you missed Freedomfest and want to see the photos' you can go ahead and do so below:

Congrats Jo-Ann and Mark Skousen, and the Entire Extended team for another CONTENT RICH and FLAWLESSLY  EXECUTED conference and allowing me to teach everyone "How to Achieve Financial Freedom Quickly with the $70B Formula" for the 4th year in a row.

I learned so much about the Global Trade Wars, The Economy, Debt, Natural Resources and danced for hours at the Saturday night Gala which was so much fun with the Amish Band.   Here are a few photos which I thought I would share

Stephen Moore, One of the Economic Advisors to Our President and Me




Herman Cain, who...

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q2 financial results Jul 24, 2019

Congratulations to all my ATT/DIRECTV/TW family members.  You killed it and knocked it out the ballpark on your Q2 Earnings call this morning.   

I am so proud to call you my Partner and Family and see that you continue to demonstrate excellence in the Financial Freedom Formula™ methodology.  We are discussing the Formula along with your Q2 performance results during our FFF Group Coaching Call which will be held later today. 

If you are a Group Coaching Program Member, make sure you attend today's call so you can see how the Formula is used across any type of ASSET.   That is the power of the Formula.

Others, we are NOT yet FFF members and/or continue FAKING until you MAKE IT.  Why NOT go here and watch this special video I recorded just for you this morning.

Congrats again to my Partners at ATT/DIRECTV/TW for DELIVERING such...

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My Journey Printing Money Legally and WHY


Watch the above video where I discuss my journey printing money legally, BUT more importantly WHY.

Years ago I picked an ECONOMIC class, Upper, Middle, or Lower since the MIDDLE is going away. The FINANCIAL FREEDOM FORMULA™ is to MINIMIZE the speed at which it becomes EXTINCT.

For those people who want to MITIGATE their EXTINCTION, I recommend they learn and adopt the Formula, then they will have a higher probability of getting into the Upper class, the other ones that don't adopt the Formula will become extinct with the other population and fall into the lower class. 

I teach the FORMULA to those who want to learn.  I encourage you to attend my last public appearance on July 18th, 2019 at Freedomfest.

So that's the purpose (WHY) of the Formula and that's why I created it. Alright, so here is what I did. Okay. In my reality, I needed $10,000 a month in passive income. That was my number, right? I had no passive income, as a matter of fact, I was...

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Happy 4th of July

financial freedom Jul 03, 2019

Everyone deserves FREEDOM, rather OR NOT they CAN ATTEND Freedomfest.

Therefore, this 4th of July, I am making that possible for anyone who enters's their information via this link.  Once you enter your information you will be able to learn the following:

  1. How to INCREASE the VALUE of your ASSETS, thus NET WORTH;

  2. How to INCREASE your INCOME without Working More Hours;


So click here to get your INDEPENDENCE this 4th of JULY.  

This will be my LAST PUBLIC APPEARANCE.  So don't miss out.  Even if you can't make Freedomfest and want to learn what I am teaching.  You will be notified of how to gain access after Freedomfest if you enter your information. 

Again,  This training is best suited for the following:

    1. ANYONE who has NOT BOUGHT/BUILT at LEAST $700M of VERIFIABLE ASSETS In the LAST 10 years;

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