Episode 4: Dave Zook – Capital Gains Vs. Passive Income, Which is Best?

show Nov 09, 2017

Having had come from a more speculative background, Dave stressed the importance of investing for cash flow. He explains that finding investments with cash flow potential that can withstand a recession as witnessed in 2008.

Dave explains that with the tax law set up the way it is working for money is like swimming against the current. Buying things low and selling them high is also an inefficient way of investing as there are taxes and regulations that impact that flow and revenue. When you can get the tax law to work with you instead of against you making money becomes so much easier. One must learn the ropes and behave the government incentives people to behave.


The hazards of doing this, as Dave explains, is that most do not do this without a passive income. This strategy does work well for the pure capital gains investments, buy low sell high, but is not a necessity if investing is done properly. There are ways to invest and still keep living in the United States.


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Episode 3: Dave Zook - Investing in Multiple Asset Classes

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2017

Dave operates a real estate investment business most of his properties are in Tennessee and Texas. When he was starting his real estate investing career he began to run out of money with which to purchase properties. This became an issue and he was left with a choice to either slow down or take on investors. He began inviting friends and family and now has about one hundred investors.

Dave explains that investing in a private placement of syndication as a much safer way of investing. You are leveraging the time and talents of others. Typically you gain leverage without having to guarantee the debt. He will work to put together the deal and then send it out to his investors. Most of his arrangements are done with his existing investor base.


David usually works with accredited investors as the regulatory risks are less. SEC rules are more strict when dealing with small investors but he does work with non-accredited investors occasionally. There are those that have been waiting...

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Episode 2: G. Edward Griffin - What Is Money and Why Currencies Fail

show Nov 05, 2017

G. Edward Griffin explains how he got started investigating the Federal Reserve. Once he realized that the Fed was created in secret, he realized there was a bigger story. He explains what money is and why fiat currencies ultimately collapse. Governments and bankers love the ability to create money out of thin air which usually causes inflation. He explains why modern currencies have no intrinsic value and very little in common with gold and silver.

When asked about the U.S. national debt Edward says that it will only continue to expand as long as people have faith in the monetary system. The debt will continue to grow as long as governments require the use of legal tender. The United States has a worldwide monopoly as the dollar is the worlds reserve currency. This is the reason why the current system has been able to persist for so long since the United States can export inflation and dollars to the rest of the world. As long as the U.S. can enforce the petrodollar people will...

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Episode 1: Introduction With Gena Lofton

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2017

Hi, I am your host Gena Lofton. Welcome to the first show created exclusively to serve accredited investors. If your tired of the conventional wisdom and advice and want to learn what works for other accredited investors, then this is the show for you.

When you tune in to our show you will get many ideas to become financially free, maximize your returns, minimize risks, and keep more of your money from going to pay taxes.

If this sounds good to you please subscribe to my channel for weekly updates.

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