2018 Mid Year Financial Assessment

goals income taxes May 23, 2018


I am leaving for China this weekend.  Visiting Beijing, ShanghaiHong Kong, and Macau.  We have a number of meetings with a few investment firms about the largest industrial project in the world, OBOR, One Belt One Road.  Over $6 Trillion is committed to the project and I have investment capital in the region.  I am excited as it's my first time visiting Asia.

I find it fascinating when people ask "Are you traveling for business or pleasure"?  Fortunately, I have NEVER separated the two (2) as what I do is business and I have lots of fun which brings me pleasure, whether it's where I reside and/or travel.  It's all the same.   I have lots of fun and make money at the same time.

I feel very sorry for those who do NOT have this as their reality.  Most likely its a result doing what they don't love.   Thus, they are working just for the money and the money doesn't bring them any pleasure.  Very, Very Sad.

This is why Financial Freedom/Independence is so important.  Once one is Free financially, they are highly unlikely to do things just for money.  They usually only do what makes them money and gives them great pleasure simultaneously.

If Financial Freedom is one of your goals for 2018 so you can have both.   I thought I would see how you are progressing towards that goal.

Are you on target, exceeding plan, behind plan?   Since we are approaching the midway point of the calendar year, it's a good time to perform a self-assessment. 

I love keeping things simple and use the KISS (e.g. Keep It Simple Stupid) method religiously.    If you are interested in learning "How to double your income without working more hours" you can download the free cheat sheet via this link.    

If you are a HIgh Income Wage Earner and Reside in a HIgh Income Tax State, you may decide to pursue moving out of the state which is under the Reduce Your Taxes Category of the cheat sheet.  In fact, that is exactly what Fox has reported many people doing recently.

If you prefer, a much less disruptive method you can always change the way you earn your income.  This is exactly what I had to do and help others achieve as well.

Let us know how you are doing in achieving your financial goals for the year.....  Are you.... a) Ahead of Plan, b) Meeting Plan, c) Falling Behind Plan.

If you are ahead or meeting plan, can you share what you have done to achieve the results?  If you are falling behind plan what is your corrective action plan(s)?

To your financial freedom of doing what you love and making money simultaneously in a State where you want to reside.