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  • How To Build A Digital Business Blueprint Training Program
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Finally... everything you need to start and grow a digital business, all in one program. With my Digital Business Blueprint, you're getting a proven system for building an online business - even if you've never built a business before.

Thousands are making money online right now. Hundreds are earning 6-figures annually. Many on the internet are earning 7-figures, all using the same Digital Business Blueprint that you'll be taught in this program.

What You'll Learn...

In A Nutshell...How To Sell ANYTHING To ANYONE At ANY TIME & PRICE - Completely Online.

Online Education

- Experienced experts and myself reveal how to start and grow a digital business in ANY niche as a broke beginner without any money.
- You'll get practical advice for fast-tracking the time to success
- Because the experts I've brought in and myself have experience helping people make money online, we've answered ALL of the top questions most people have, already.

What's One Of The Most Common Traits Among Self-Made Millionaires and Billionaires Got To Do With You?

- Surround yourself with like-minded people in a great community! Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is one of the most common traits among self made millionaires and billionaires.
- Join a network of game changers! People sharing their progress, struggles and successes; daily!
- Learn from others while using their stories to learn from their mistakes and get motivation from their successes!

Business Principles

- Get a crash course introduction to all of the different business models to make money online (there are many!) to pick the right one for you.
- Learn how to take action and what separates successful entrepreneurs from the ones that fail.
- Find out industry best tips, tricks, and practices to marketing and selling your product.
- Learn about sales funnels and how to sell your product on autopilot!

Advanced Marketing Strategies

- Discover the principles behind scaling your business from $0 to $100,000 and why their different from $100,000 to $1,000,000+
- Why your brand story matters and gives you a competitive advantage, in any niche.
- Understanding the lifetime value of a customer and how to acquire customers for as cheap as possible
- Building an optimizing landing pages + sales funnels
- Using social media to build your brand, acquire and convert customers.
- Converting strangers into high-ticket sales and lifelong customers!

Facebook Marketing

- Turning strangers into customers, quickly
- How to build a campaign from scratch - including how to choose which audiences to target, how many ad sets to test, and what types of ad creative to test
- How to effectively re-target your customers to massively improve your ROI
- Facebook ads that are working TODAY...

Instagram Marketing

- How to find - and choose - influencers to promote your product or service.
- How to set up ad campaigns for shout-outs, paid posts, collabs, and more - without wasting your money*
- The anatomy of a successful Instagram ads - what to write, picture or video, how often to post, and more...

Ongoing Support

- Stay updated with the latest strategies with regular updates.
- No one gets left behind - you'll learn what's working now - and what's changing in the future.
- Use the same strategies top marketing experts and successful members do to sell products they love completely online.


I had little hope...

I was living on the streets with no money and was quite literally, living on a dream...

I had no education...

I had no where to turn because I dropped out of high school and didn't have an education... But I refused to accept that this was my life and I...

Found a mentor...

My mentor changed everything for me. I was now learning and modeling a system that was PROVEN to work...


Ever since that one decision to add mentors to my life, I learned how to get ahead - while others were stuck in the rat race. My mentors showed me how to invest in the right opportunities - and which ones to avoid. Even today, when I see something worth investing in, I find a mentor, learn more about the opportunity and pursue it.

Right now, making money online has never been easier and now is the time to get in. It works for me and for the people I teach. I'm excited to share the full program with you.

About Me

Gena Lofton

I grew up as a homeless foster child who dropped out of school at a young age. Life wasn't easy and I didn't have much at all where I lived in Inglewood, California.

I knew something had to change. I knew I could change my situation but I didn't have the skills to do it yet. Around this time, something changed for me internally and I met my first mentor. I was taught invaluable lessons I continue to use today about financial literacy and business. 

Fast forward to today, I've started and grown multiple businesses, and I own 4,000 apartment units, a Hilton resort, assisted living facilities, oil and gas ventures, junior mining, technology, and telecommunication (e.g. AT&T) assets, ending in the sale of AT&T in 2015 for 48.5 Billion.

Some of the places I've been featured on include:

ABC News, Fox News, NBC News, EconomyWatch & More

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